What Is Event Deconfliction?

Event deconfliction is the process of determining when law enforcement personnel are conducting an event in close proximity to one another at the same time. Events include law enforcement actions, such as undercover operations, surveillance, and executing search warrants. When certain elements (e.g., time, date, location) are matched between two or more events, a conflict results. Immediate notification is made to the affected agencies or personnel regarding the identified conflict.

Why Is Event Deconfliction Important to Me and My Agency?

Event deconfliction helps support and protect law enforcement officers in a variety of ways. Officers partaking in high-risk operations are able to enhance their personal safety and the safety of those around them. The use of an event deconfliction system also helps to reduce risk and liability, improve the wellness of officers, and safeguard citizens.

Using an event deconfliction system enables officers to identify operational conflicts and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies and officers. Officers are able to leverage each other's information and successfully apprehend criminals. Often, after entering an event into an event deconfliction system, officers discover that they are investigating the same subject as another law enforcement agency or officer. There is no cost to use any of the participating systems.

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