HIDTA funds 15 distinct law enforcement initiatives developed to reduce drug-related crime and violence. Federal, state and local law enforcement from over 50 different agencies work in HIDTA-funded initiatives. Each initiative collaborates with the HIDTA Investigative Support Center. Using the latest in law enforcement technology, the ISC collects, analyzes and disseminates information and intelligence on drug trafficking, money laundering, violence, gangs and weapons trafficking to support HIDTA initiatives and participating agencies.

The emphasis of HIDTA is to bring law enforcement agencies together in an environment created to:

  • Facilitate the dismantlement and disruption of major drug and money laundering organizations.

  • Coordinate enforcement actions to ensure that limited enforcement resources are judiciously used to have the greatest impact on drug-related crime and violence.

  • Provide timely, easily accessible information to support the investigation and prosecution of the region’s drug and firearms trafficking organizations.